Coal accounts for over 37% of the world’s electricity supply. Coal is fundamental in powering homes and industry, providing energy for transport and producing steel and concrete.

Coal is an essential resource to meet the challenges from the rapid increase in energy consumption.

Coal reserves are plentiful and are distributed equally around the planet, likewise coal is significantly cheaper and more accessible than other fossil fuels.

Magallanes is a key player of seaborne traded thermal coal from Indonesia. Coal is an important part of our portfolio and we are focused on running a profitable business in a safe, efficient, responsible and sustainable manner. Our company is able to supply steam coal ranging from 3.500 GAR to 7.000 GAR.

Our coal is used in power generation, steel making and industrial processes including the manufacturing of cement, aluminum and nickel.

80% of the coal we sell comes from Indonesia. The rest is divided among different origins, including Colombia, Australia and South Africa.